The production of packed bakery products

Within our production assortment of bakery products we have two categories:

Sweet program

We were the first in BiH to launch a packed croissant with a long shelf life. The croissant was the first product of the brand line Quickie ( Quickie croissant for every day!) under which we, later, started prducing other products such as muffins, strudels, wafers, palmeras etc.

Salted program

The salted program consists of several salted, baked snacks with a crunchy texture baked on olive oil and prepared from 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial food dyes. We were the first to bring this type of inovation to the local market and launch this type of product.

Cooperation with international partners and the production of private brand labels is one of our key production potentials. Our production facility is based in Sarajevo where our central warehouse is also located.

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