BOU Café

Discover the sensation of taste!

BOU Cafe has a unique aroma and taste which lifts coffee as a drink to the golden peaks of enjoyment, and allows for the consumer to discover brand new sensations while drinking the „Espresso Perfecto“. BOU Cafe achieves this by a rigorous selection of coffee beans from different origins, which are uniqely roasted ( with different roasting patterns for each different coffee bean origin) and blended together to create a one of a kind high quality coffee drink named „Espresso Perfecto“.

One of the main pillars of BOU Cafe are its team of professionals from different fields, who strive to make each cup of coffee a true work of art and to ensure the best service for our customers.

The mission of BOU Cafe is to provide its customers with a high quality coffee ( Espresso Perfecto) while in the same time providing the coffee drinkers with pleaseure and brand new sensations. This has a goal of increasing revenue for our customers and distinguishing them from the competition in the market.

The BOU Cafe values are:

  • Passion for coffee
  • Consumer orientation
  • High level of respect for the customer

The passion of the BOU Cafe team is poured into a concentrated drink made under high pressure in 20 seconds from 7 grams of coffee.

The result of this passion is a 30ml cup of magnificent hazelnut colored espresso with a dense creme and marble texture. Apart from that its main charachteristics are an intensive, rich and balanced taste with a prolonogued aftertaste.

BOU Cafe offers its clients a personalized solution for the needs of their coffee shop, restaurant or bakery.

BOU Cafe analyses each individual business and identifies which coffee blend is the right one for each buyer. In this way BOU Cafe ensures that the final consumers enjoy in the consistent quality of the „Espresso Perfecto“ cup of coffee. The intent is to attract new customers, who will become regular customers by enjoying in the brand new sensations which BOU Cafe brings.

These exclusive solutions by BOU Cafe are available for the catering industry ( hotels,restaurants and catering) in two different forms:

  • Coffee in beans
  • Coffee in capsules

The BOU Cafe solutions for your business include personalized advice and training for coffee shop personel as well as our exclusive service and technical support 24/7. We even have a whole divison dedicated to ensuring that our customers are preparing „Espresso Perfecto“.

Our exclusive service consists of:

  • Education on how to make the perfect Espresso Perfecto
  • Installing and regular servicing of the coffee machine
  • Installing and regular servicing of the coffee grinder
  • Milk preparation training
  • Training for preparing new BOU products ( drinks with hot and cold coffee, smoothies, frappes, etc. ).
Contact us and taste the new sensation in the coffee world and allow BOU to take over your senses!
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