Production, import and distribution

Spanish Market ltd. is a spanish – bosniaherzegovinian company founded in 1997. with its headquarters in Sarajevo. The main business of the company is the production, import and distribution of fast moving consumer goods. Even though we entered the BiH market as a distributer of world – renowned child candy brands, our own production facilities have positioned us at a high level in the local food industry.

While the company headquarters is in Sarajevo, distribution is conducted via 5 distribution centers around the country. The centers are located in: Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Mostar and Bihac.

Spanish Market ltd has a fleet of over 100 vehicles which suplly all types of retail stores in Bosnia and Hercegovina on a daily basis. The company slogan „From kiosks to hypermarkets“ is derived from this fact. Microdistribution is something we take great pride in, and what is especially impressive is the fact that we have over 8000 customers registered in our database, who we service on a weekly basis.

The companies and brands that we exclusively represent, import and distribute in the entire BiH market are: PEZ – Austria, Fini – Spain, Chupa Chups – The Netherlands, Mentos – The Netherlands, HELL Energy – Hungary, Patos – Turkey, Tosama – Slovenia, Globus – Hungary, Lords – Serbia, Delisun – Spain, Fleer – Spain, Avab – Spain, BIP Holland – The Netherlands, XIXO – Hungary, Garasevic – Bosnia and Hercegovina, Beverly Hills Polo Club 1982 – USA, BOU Cafe – Spain etc.

We started investing in our own production of bakery products with a long shelf life in the spring of 2008. By doing so we became the first company in Bosnia and Hercegovina and in the region to launch a packed croissant with a long shelf life.

During 2015. we started to produce salted snacks which are unique in the region. Generally speaking the company produces over 30 different products with a development plan for more new ones. We posess ISO standards and CERTIFICATES and conduct our business in accordance to HACCP procedures of quality management.

Including the headquarters, 5 distribution centers and the production facility „Spanish Market“ has over 150 employees.

We comply with ISO:9001 and QMS Standards.