Traditional medicine of the Far East

China, Japan and Korea has been using mushrooms for over 5000 years. Since 1970 they have been used in Japanese clinics as an integral component of treatment for malignant and other diseases.

Life has nowadays become a constant battle with stress, which increases the pressure on our physical and mental health. Led by the moto : „Everything for health!“ and by positive personal experience we began importing natural immuno-modulators ( dietary supplements based on medicinal mushrooms) made by the German company Hawlik.

All the products in our portfolio are 100% natural and are subject to strict laboratory control, which enables them for sale in many European countries, especially in Germany and Switzerland – countries with high standards when it comes to quality control of such supplements. These immuno – modulators strenghten healthy parts of the organism, which in turn begin the fight against the disease. Reastablishing the natural balance of the body enables us to win the battle against some of the deadliest diseases of today.

We have 10 types of mushrooms in capsules in our portfolio:


...which are especially efficient when it comes to:

  • Immunity deficits caused by different diseases
  • Malignant diseases ( all types of cancer)
  • As aditional therapy with chemo and radiotherapy
  • As aditional therapy in curing many chronic ilnesses like:
    • Ulcerative colitis
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • Various heart diseases
    • Battling Heliko bactery
    • Various auto-immune diseases

We recomend application methods to our consumers in consultation with experts from Germany and Switzerland.

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